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April 23, 2019 - Seafood Fraud

Seafood is a popular and healthy food choice for many Americans especially during Lent.  The U.S. is the 2nd largest seafood consumer worldwide.  However, seafood consumers are often given insufficient, confusing or misleading information about the fish they purchase.

Despite growing concern about where our food comes from, consumers are frequently served a completely different type of fish than they paid for.  A nationwide study by Oceana found the most commonly swapped fish were grouper, cod, and snapper, disguising fish that are less desirable, cheaper and more readily available.

In a study from 2010-2012 they found through DNA testing that 33% of the random samples they collected were mislabeled.

With an increasingly complex and obscure food chain, it is difficult to if identify fraud is occurring on the boat, during processing, at the retail counter, or somewhere along the way.  

What you Bought:                                     What you Got:                                            
Chilean Seabass                                         Antarctic tooth fish
Alaskan/Pacific Cod                                    Asian catfish or Tilapia
Atlantic Cod                                                 Pacific cod or white hake
Grouper                                                       Asian catfish or king mackerel
Alaskan/Pacific halibut                                Atlantic halibut
Wild salmon                                                 Farmed Atlantic salmon
Sea Bass                                                     Antarctic or Patagonian tooth fish

Source:          Fox News




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