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June 11, 2019 - Graduation Pary Food Safety

We are entering the season of graduation parties and these events include good people, good times, and of course good food!

If you are hosting your son’s or daughter’s graduation party or attending a party, be sure to keep food safety in mind.  The combination of large amounts of food, buffet style meals, and summer temperatures increase the risk of foodborne illness.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you cooking the food, with the help of friends, or hiring a licensed caterer?
  2. Do you have enough refrigeration space or enough coolers and ice to keep the foods and back up foods cold?
  3. How will you keep the hot food hot?
  4. Do you have enough serving utensils?
  5. Do you have a food thermometer?
  6. Are the hosts keeping the food safe and at proper temperatures?

Key Points:

  • Remember to always wash hands before and after handling food and keep the food area, dishes, and utensils clean.
  • Set up a hand washing station with warm water, hand soap, and paper towel for you and your guests to wash their hands.  Encourage guests to wash their hands before going through the serving line.
  • Consider making a sanitizing solution with bleach to wipe down the tables and chairs.
  • Most graduation parties are buffets.  It’s best to put the food out in small containers – that way the rest of the food is kept refrigerated.  Replenish the food in a clean container because many guests have touched it.  Change the utensils every 4 hours or when changing containers.
  • Remember that bacteria grows between 41° F and 135° F so using ice is a good option to keep cold foods cold.  Keep hot foods hot at 135° F or above by using chafing dishes, crock pots, or warming trays.
  • Try to keep the food covered if the buffet is outside to avoid attracting flies and other insects.

Source:       USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
                   Huron County View



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