Autoclave Sterility (Spore Strip) Testing

The Laboratory now offers mail-in Autoclave Sterility (Spore Strip) Testing for vertication of sterilization.  Services are available for steam/autoclave, dry heat, or ethylene oxide sterilization methods.

Annual program subscriptions are available for a fee of $70.00 and include the following services:

  • Certificate of participation
  • Monthly test kit (including controls and mailing supplies)
  • Monthly statement of test results provided to you and your local regulatory agency
  • Direct notification of a failed test will be given within 8 hours
  • All failed tests will be checked microscopically
  • Accurate and reliable results within 10 day s of receipt

To register for the Autoclave Sterility (Spore Strip) Testing program, click here.

For more information call the Laboratory at 989.758.3825.