Additional Resources

For the most updated statewide information, please go to the MDHHS Coronavirus Disease 2019 web page here.

You can register for the Saginaw County Emergency Notification system by signing up here.

If you are looking for resources in our community, please try contacting 2-1-1 OR reference the Saginaw County Community Resource Guide here.

Please see the following printable fact sheets for additional information and resources:


Beyond the 3Ws: What Can You Do to Be Proactive in Stopping the Spread of COVID-19 in Saginaw and Beyond?

The 3 Ws: Your Best Defense Against COVID-19

Graduation & Summer Parties            Guidance for Day Camps


COVID-19: Reduce Your Risk            Protect Yourself and Others


            English // Spanish                         English // Spanish

Symptoms of COVID-19                 


            English // Spanish                       

What to do if you are Sick                Quarantine vs Isolation


            English // Spanish                           English // Spanish

What Can You Do - High Risk              Stop the Spread of Germs


            English // Spanish                           English // Spanish

Facts About COVID-19                          COVID-19 and You


            English // Spanish                             English // Spanish                 

Testing Process                                   Antibody Testing


            English // Spanish                             English // Spanish     

I Think I've Been Exposed                COVID-19 and Pregnancy


            English // Spanish                             English // Spanish    

Priorities for Testing                      Testing Does Not Change Treatment


            English // Spanish                           English // Spanish                              

Use of Cloth Face Coverings              Shopping and Handling Groceries


            English // Spanish                              English // Spanish         

Resources for Parents with Children at Home

FEMA Reimbursement: COVID-19 Public Assistance