Businesses Reporting COVID-19 Case

MIOSHA Emergency Rules (Rule 6.4a)  requires that all businesses immediately and confidentially notify the local public health department when an employee is identified with a confirmed case of COVID-19. To allow for ease of compliance with the guidance, the Saginaw County Health Department has created a mechanism for electronically reporting COVID-19 cases within the workplace. Businesses with knowledge of a confirmed COVID-19 positive employee should complete the COVID-19 Reporting Form in its entirety, and submit it to the health department within 24 hours of notification. Submission can be completed by using the “SUBMIT” button on the form or via email to Feel free to contact the Saginaw County Health Department at 758-3887 with questions regarding the form or reporting process. 

Be Well.  

The HIPAA Privacy Rule recognizes the legitimate need for public health authorities and other responsible for ensuring public health and safety to have access to protected health information that is necessary to carry out their public health mission.  Therefore, the Privacy Rules permits entities to disclose needed health information without individual authorization to a public health authority (The Saginaw Co. Health Department).