Halloween Guidance


Celebrating Halloween 2020

Much like deciding whether or not to send your children to in-person learning at school or keep them home for remote learning, Halloween 2020 requires an informed, personal decision based on your family dynamics and health history. Each family must weigh the risks for themselves.

The Saginaw County Health Department is here to provide guidance to help ensure the only thing scary about Halloween is the costumes. Consider this when making your informed choice:

  • Any time you leave your home, there is risk of being exposed to COVID-19. We must weigh the risks every time we go out.
  • Do you have loved ones with underlying health conditions that make it not worth the added risk of trick-or-treating?
  • Are neighbors considerate about wearing masks and maintaining social distance?
  • Are your children responsible enough to keep masks on and maintain social distance?
  • Do you live in a quiet neighborhood or a high-traffic one where people from all around the area come to trick-or-treat?
  • Are there alternative activities that your children would enjoy just as much as trick-or-treating?
Tips for Trick-or-Treaters and Parents
  • Follow any rules, regulations or laws governing your neighborhood or township.
  • If you have COVID-19 or you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, do not participate in Halloween festivities and do not give out candy to trick-or-treaters.
  • Prepare children that this year may be different than last, but let them know some of the new ways you plan to celebrate and still have lots of fun.
  • Talk with them about safety and staying six feet from others not in your group.
  • Participate in one-way trick-or-treating and guide children to stay to the right to ensure social distancing.
  • Trick or treat with people you live with.
  • Avoid congregating in groups around houses.
  • Wear a face mask covering both mouth and nose.
    • A costume mask (such as for Halloween) is not a substitute for a cloth mask.
    • Do not wear a costume mask over a protective cloth mask if wearing both causes difficulty breathing. Instead, consider using a Halloween-themed cloth mask.
  • Only go to houses with safety measures in place.
  • Check out halloween2020.org to find exciting activities and ways to celebrate Halloween this year based on levels of COVID risks in your area.
Tips for Homeowners
  • Use duct tape to mark six-foot lines in front of home and leading to driveway/front door.
  • Position a disinfected distribution table between you and trick-or-treaters and do not allow children to reach into containers to get their candy/treats.
  • Consider handing out candy in an open space with one-way traffic flow or grab and go stations of individually prepared goodies.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before preparing any “treats” to be distributed. This includes prepackaged candy, goodie bags, or other items given away.
  • Wear a mask during all candy distribution

The CDC also urges Michiganders to consider hosting virtual parties instead of in-person Halloween gatherings. If a gathering is hosted, it should be limited to 10 people or less per Executive Order 2020-176, social distancing should be maintained, cloth masks should be worn and food and party favors should be set out individually to prevent cross contamination.

Information around this outbreak is changing rapidly. For the most up-to-date information, visit saginawpublichealth.org, Michigan.gov/Coronavirus and CDC.gov/Coronavirus.