Information for Seniors and High Risk Individuals

Frequently Asked Questions

Being part of a high risk population means that you are more likely to suffer from severe complications from COVID-19. Multiple groups of people are at a higher risk - not just the elderly. Please refer to "Am I part of a high risk population?" to learn more.

Older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions may be at higher risk for more serious complications from COVID-19. Visit the CDC's website here to learn more.

Make a plan before you get sick. Know who will take care of you if you get sick, or if your caregiver gets sick. Talk to your doctor about getting extra necessary medications to have on hand, and get enough household supplies and groceries so that you can stay home for a few weeks if you have to. 

Take advantage of the drive-thru window, if your pharmacy offers it. Some pharmacies offer delivery of prescriptions as well. Call your pharmacy ahead to find out your options. If you need to go inside, distance yourself from others as much as possible. Contact your doctor and insurance company to see if increasing the days supply is an option.

Often grocery stores offer delivery or drive up services. Call ahead to find out your options. Recently, many stores have begun offering special operating hours as well, specifically devoted to serving seniors and high risk populations only. Contact the grocer you frequent to find out if this is a service they are offering.

Utilize Meals on Wheels services, if available. If you are interested in learning more about this program, contact the Saginaw County Commission on Aging at 989-797-6880.

Contact your doctor via telephone for guidance. They will be best suited to determine if the situation is warranted and your risk.