Health Promotion & Communications

The Health Promotion & Communications Division provides community health education, resources, and public information. Located in Room 301, services include the coordination of:

  • Community presentations
  • Health fairs
  • Health Department tours

A resource room is open to the public with pamphlets and flyers on a variety of health-related subjects. Topics include birth control, STDs, parenting, cancer, environmental health, substance abuse, immunizations, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and wellness, and many others. To see a list of electronically available pamphlets, visit our Pamphlets and Brochures page. Students who need to develop a resource file on health-related topics for a class are welcome. New sources for information are continually being researched to offer the most current information available.

For more information on communications, please call 989-758-3813.

Emergency Preparedness Planning is also part of this division, coordinating and developing comprehensive public health emergency preparedness plans and partnerships in Saginaw County. The Health Department also works with the Saginaw County Sheriff's Department, Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security to coordinate the Saginaw County Citizen Corps, a volunteer organization designed to help assist first responders during a disaster. For more information on the Citizen Corps visit: Saginaw County Citizen Corps or the Michigan Citizen Corps. In addition, we encourage all citizens to be prepared for emergencies through our Get Ready! Saginaw County family preparedness program.