Respiratory Viruses (COVID-19, RSV, and Influenza/flu)

Respiratory viruses COVID-19, RSV, and Influenza continue to circulate in our community.  People should understand how best to protect themselves and what to do when they experience symptoms.  For more information on respiratory diseases visit:


COVID-19, influenza and RSV continues to circulate each year, at increased rates during our colder Michigan months.  Here are few simple strategies to best protect yourself:

  • Get an annual COVID-19 and Flu shot.  These vaccines will be available within the next few weeks at providers, pharmacies, and clinics.  SCHD will be providing COVID and Flu vaccine along with all other immunization services.
  • If you develop symptoms –
    • STAY HOME!
    • Get a COVID Test! (we offer free at home tests in our building) to rule in or out if those symptoms are COVID.)
    • Call your Doctor or Healthcare Provider! – if you are positive for COVID they can provide medications to treat you and if you are negative they can help determine what virus you may have (like the flu or RSV) and can also provide medications to treat you
Recommendations for people who test positive for
Click here for CDC's Isolation and Exposure calculator.

For more information visit:

For information on respiratory viruses data click here.

Click here for school guidance.