Body Art Facilities

Public Act 375, which was enacted in December of 2010, indicates that individuals shall not tattoo, brand, or perform body piercing on another individual unless that tattooing, branding, or body piercing occurs at a body art facility licensed by the Michigan Department Health & Human Services (MDHHS). Owners or operators of body art facilities are required to apply for a body art facility license through MDHHS.

Body art is becoming increasingly popular and the implementation of PA 375 sets statewide requirements for body art facilities aimed at decreasing the risk of transmission of bloodborne diseases such as hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV), and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Body Art facilities are inspected by the SCHD Environmental Health Services Division once each year.

If you are interested in obtaining a Body Art Facility License you must submit your application online to the MDHHS at

MDHHS will notify the health department that you have applied for a body art license for a location in Saginaw County. Public Act 375 of 2010 requires that an existing or new body art facility go through plan review prior to licensure. To complete the licensing process, the following items must be submitted to the Saginaw County Health Department.

  • The completed Body art Facility Plan Review packet (One Time Only Fee: $420.00). Call (989) 758-3686 to get a packet sent to you.
  • The completed application for Environmental Health Inspection - Body Art (Annual fee: $224.00)
  • A check for total fees in the amount of $644.00 payable to Saginaw County Health Department

Mail or hand-deliver plan review materials to:

Saginaw County Health Department
Environmental Health Services Division
1600 N. Michigan Avenue, Room 101
Saginaw, MI 48602

An Environmental Health Specialist will conduct an administrative review of the packet to determine completeness of the plans. Notification of plan approval is by letter. Notification of any deficiencies that must be addressed to render your plan review complete is also by letter. Applicants have thirty days to respond to deficiencies. Failure to respond with appropriate information within that period will result in rejection of the plans. Another plan review must be submitted if you wish to be licensed.

Following approval of the plans or correction of any deficiencies, an inspection will be performed to determine compliance with Act 375, P.A. of 2010. You will receive a copy of the inspection report for your reference and MDCH will be notified when your facility is compliant for licensure. You will receive your license from MDHHS.

Additionally, our Laboratory offers mail-in Spore Strip Testing for verification of sterilization for body art facilities.