Preliminary Soil Evaluations

A Preliminary Soil (Raw Land) Evaluation is a service that provides a determination as to the suitability of vacant land for an on-site sewage disposal system. A soil evaluation is completed at the site to determine the soil type and water table which could influence the performance of the system. This service is used by property owners before they offer their land for sale or for buyers to find out before purchasing vacant land if the site is acceptable for a system.

Instructions for requesting a Preliminary Soil Evaluation:

  1. An application, including the signature of both the applicant and current property owner, must be completed. Forms can be picked up at the Health Department in Room 101 during regular business hours, or can be mailed to you upon request.
  2. The appropriate fee must be submitted along with your application(s). Fee schedule
  3. Three holes, 5 feet deep and 60 feet apart in a triangle, must be dug in the area of the proposed septic system and marked with a brightly colored flag attached to a tall stake. You may use a post hole digger, shovel or backhoe for this. If a backhoe is used, an Environmental Health Specialist must be present. When your application and fee have been submitted and this office has been notified that the holes are dug, the inspector will make arrangements to perform the soil evaluation and notify you by letter of the results.

For further questions, please call 989-758-3686, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.