Mortgage & Performance Evaluations

Mortgage Evaluations provide information to a buyer of an existing home relative to the condition, construction, and performance of the present sewage disposal system, construction of the water well, and/or the bacteriological quality and palatability of the water supply.

A mortgage evaluation allows a buyer or lending institution to protect the equity of the mortgage so that additional money does not have to be found to repair or replace a septic system or well. A performance evaluation is similar to a mortgage evaluation, but is requested by the current owner of the property when they need information regarding the condition of their existing system.

Performance evaluations are commonly requested when homes are being replaced on an existing site or when additional living space is being added to an existing home.

Instructions for requesting a mortgage or performance evaluation:

  1. Complete the application form with as much detail as possible. Forms can be picked up at the Health Department in Room 101 during regular business hours, can be mailed to you upon request, or can be completed over the phone.

  2. The appropriate fee must be submitted along with your application(s). Fee schedule

  3. For a septic system evaluation, the department requires that you locate the septic tank and expose the cover of the inspection port closest to the outlet of the tank. The septic tank will need to be pumped out at the time of the evaluation. For systems installed without a permit (generally any system prior to March of 1975), the department requires that the 4 corners of your drain field be located and uncovered. When the office has been notified that the corners of the field have been uncovered, an inspector will make arrangements to conduct the inspection. The time of inspection must be coordinated with the time that the septic tank is pumped out. A report will be completed following the evaluation. Keep in mind that it is not our requirement that the Health Department complete these evaluations. Please check with your lending institution if you wish to have an evaluation performed by another party.

If you have further questions, please call 989-758-3686, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.