Solid and Hazardous Waste

Solid Waste Disposal has become a very important issue in Saginaw County. The Division enforces Act 451 through a contract with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for monitoring, inspection, and prosecution of landfills. In addition, the Division is responsible for enforcement of the Saginaw County Solid Waste Ordinance which was implemented in 1993. The Environmental Health Specialist is also involved in clean up actions in the area of solid waste, recycling, and storage of recyclable items. Besides these enforcement responsibilities, the Division also assists with Household Special Waste Collections with the Mid-Michigan Waste Authority.

Clean Sweep

Saginaw County also operates a Clean Sweep collection for agricultural pesticides at our permanent pesticide storage building in Saginaw Township. Mercury is also accepted at collections. View our flyer for more information or you can call 989.758.3686.

Pharmaceutical Drop Boxes

These programs encourage County residents to conduct home audits for potentially hazardous household materials. It also includes personal and health care items like medications, aerosols, and nail polish remover. The best way to dispose of these materials is to use them completely for the purposes intended. Currently there are 13 pharmaceutical drop boxes to collected unwanted medications throughout Saginaw County. See our list of drop box locations.