Food Service Sanitation

Food Service Sanitation is the largest program administered by the Environmental Health Services Division. The sanitation of food service establishments is managed and regulated by the FDA 2005 Food Code, Act 92, P.A. of 2000. Our inspections and consultations provide the consumer with restaurants and bars that are safe places to eat and drink. Our objective is to prevent food poisonings by making sure minimum standards of cleanliness are maintained. The Environmental Health Specialist must not only inspect the physical part of the restaurant, but must review the food handling processes used to prepare and maintain a wholesome product.

A food service establishment is defined as a facility that sells or provides food for consumption. The types of facilities that are regulated by Environmental Health include schools, bars, full service and limited service restaurants, concession stands, mobile and transitory establishments, country clubs, and private clubs. Any business that falls under the definition of a food service establishment must be licensed and inspected by Environmental Health. Licenses expire on April 30 of each year. Contact the department at 989.758.3686 for licensing fees, information, and other services offered in food service sanitation. Saginaw County has nearly 800 food service establishments licensed.

Temporary Food Events
Saginaw County also has a number of festivals and fund raising events that are also licensed and inspected by Environmental Health staff as temporary food service establishments. Licenses are issued for no more than 2 weeks and the application for a temporary food license must be received by the department 5 days before the event. Appropriate fees for these establishments and non-profits can be found on the Fee Schedule located below. Approximately 600 temporary food service establishments are licensed annually. Temporary food establishments present unique problems because the food handlers are not professionals and the operations are normally out-of-doors.